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Our culture encourages us

to outsource our needs.

Tracking our sleep, calories, steps and minutes of exercise. We are losing our ability to trust our instincts. To know what we need based on how we feel.

If you find yourself struggling to meet your own needs in this world of productivity at all costs, I want to help you tap into your intuition.

Who this is for

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This is for you if any of these resonate:

  • you are looking for a new way to move
  • you want to deepen your relationship with your body
  • you want to support your baby's movement development
  • you want to feel calm and confident


Movement Enthusiasts

Curious Movers

Seasoned Moms

Babies and their Caregivers

Health Care Providers who work with Babies

What to expect

move with ease

Do you feel stiff and stuck in your body? Perhaps your fitness class at the gym or dance class is leaving you feeling sore and achy. A somatic approach to dance and movement is gentle and allows participants to explore movements that feel good and are restorative.

trust your intuition

Are you always second guessing yourself and worrying about what others say you "should" be doing? When you take the time to regularly tune into the sensations within your body you will be better able to access and trust your intuition when you need it.

feel calm

Many people want to better react to stressful situations. When you are seeing red, it is very hard to keep your cool. Tuning into your breath and allowing yourself to move based on your inner sensation will help you to notice sooner when you are about to boil over.

Private Somatic Movement Sessions

In these sessions we will use your movement goals for yourself or your baby to develop a plan and lead the movement explorations.

$60 / 1 hour session

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Upcoming Classes and Workshops

In this class, we will use the principles of Bartenieff Fundamentals to tune in to our bodies, release tension, and find new patterns of movement. This class will be done primarily lying on a mat, with movement that is slow and gentle.

Leave this class feeling grounded, renewed, and refreshed.

Babies and Caregivers

While babies might be new to moving, they are already experts in intuition.

A baby is completely tuned in to how they feel in the moment.

Babies are ready to get moving slowly and intuitively.

Caregivers can support how babies move but often we get in their way. The way we handles babies can greatly influence how their movement develops.

I help caregivers learn how to support the way babies and toddlers move in the first months and years of their lives.

Caitlin Coflin is a dancer, dance teacher, and ISMETA Certified Somatic Movement Educator (SME) based in Regina, SK. In 2010, Caitlin completed her BA Honours in Dance from the University of Winnipeg in affiliation with the Professional Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers. In 2020, Caitlin completed her training to become a Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst and Somatic Practitioner (CMA-SP). Since 2010 she has been a member of the teaching staff at Youth Ballet of Saskatchewan teaching modern dance, ballet, and somatics, and teaches Laban/Bartenieff into Dance at New Dance Horizons’ Dance Core classes. Caitlin has danced professionally with Robin Poitras' company Rouge-Gorge and with Connie Moker Wernikowski, and has been given many opportunities to present her own work through New Dance Horizons.

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"Icosahedral structure

What is Laban Movement Analysis

and Bartenieff Fundamentals

Created by Rudolph Laban (1875-1958), LMA is a framework and vocabulary for describing, experiencing, and observing movement. While created as a dance form, LMA moves beyond a dance style and can be utilized in any movement situation from a dance class, to the soccer field, to picking weeds from the garden. Throughout Laban’s lifetime, his work proliferated around the world. One notable student was Irmgard Bartenieff (1900-1981) who combined Laban’s work with her work as a physiotherapist to create her own series of movements and exercises called Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF).

In my somatic movement classes and private sessions I use Bartenieff’s Basic 6 + 2 Fundamental exercises along with the many concepts within the LMA framework to guide our movement explorations.

Other somatic practices that I have studied are the Mitzvah Technique and Itchush Method, The Feldenkrais Method, and Body-Mind Centering.

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I'm passionate about helping you find ease and joy in your movement.

-Caitlin Coflin